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Holger Koefoed is an arthistorian with special interest in Nordic 19th and 20th century art. He is an authority on norwegian romantic painting, specially on Lars Hertervig (1830- 1902). He has headed the educational departments of the museums National Gallery and  National Museum of Contemporary Art in Oslo. He is currently working as associate professor at the National Academy of the Arts in Oslo. He also works as a curator, writer, senior lecturer, broadcaster and conference speaker. Latest conference: International Ceramic Symposion OICS 2003, Oslo. His latest books: Lars Hertervig – Stillness and Light. Hertervigs art and the light mystical tradittion of the Quakers (Labyrinth press 2008), and on the Norwegian contemporary painter: Håvard Vikhagen (Labyrith Press 2004). 


Born: 10th September 1945

Address: Tangen terrasse 56B  1450 Nesoddtangen  Norway. Telephone: 0047: 66960317. Mobile: 0047 45455424

Tlf. Work: 0047 22995592. Fax: 0047 22995585.  email:



Magister in History of Art 1972, University of Oslo.


Career Summary

Editor of NRK TVs Culture Magazine 1974 – 78

Head of Educational dept. Nasjonalgalleriet (National Gallery 1979 – 1998)

Head of Educational dept. and curator at The National Museum of Contemporary Art, Oslo 1991- 92

Head of Humaneties at The National College of Art and Design in Oslo since 1998. 




Has written more than 20 books on art and other themes: Lars Hertervig. Painter of Light (1984),  LArs Hertervig – Stillness and Light (2008), Eros in Norwegian Art 1880-1980 (1986), Painters in Oslo (1988), Modernisme in Art 1870 – 1990 (1998). Monographies on: Ørnulf Opdahl (1994), Bjørn Carlsen (1996), Th. Kittelsen (2000)  etc. .




Exhibitions on Lars Hertervigs works:
Stockholm 1972,
Oslo 1981 and 1992.

Stavanger, Bergen and Oslo 2005-06

Museum of Oslo 2006. Exhibitions; Romantic and Expressionitic. Norwegian Contemporary Art, Gothenborg 1987, and many more.




TV shows on art 1974-78, Series on art for NRK TV and Radio in the 1980-ies. Consultant and participient on NRK Radio P2 1990-2008.




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